Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am.

(This poem was written for my freshman English class, but it still applies today.
So that's why I'm putting it onto here.)

I am ...
A bottle of wine -
Sickly sweet and addicting;
The Bible's Jonah -
Off-path and astray;
A letter -
Torn up, full of so many words unspoken;
An old dog -
Tired and forgotten;
An unfinished book -
Written part of the way, then set aside;
A song -
Full of underlying meaning;
A work of embroidery -
Beautiful, yet delicate;
A priceless antique -
Fragile, no one wants for fear of breaking;
A ruined tie -
Discarded and labeled "garbage";
An expensive toy -
Never used, sitting on a dusty shelf, waiting;
The last cigarette -
Then you quit forever.

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  1. it deleted my comment!!!

    i asked you if you remembered the poem i wrote freshman year about "your last cigarette"