Saturday, February 6, 2010

Revolution Number Nine

I watched the film Wristcutters a few weeks ago with Joshua. I thought it would make me terribly upset, but it really didn't. I liked it a lot, surprisingly. I loved the fact that it never outright told you that Eugene was supposed to be Eugene Hutz, but it was super obvious.

Gogol Bordello, <3.

February twenty-first is five months that Joshua&I have been together. It'll be my longest relationship. Pathetic. But I'm really happy that I'm with him, honestly. I'm in love with the boy. Hopelessly, irrevocably, in love.
His mom&I had a talk, and she said that I could move in with them once I was eighteen as long as I had a job and could contribute x amount of money a week. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take her up on that offer, but I haven't decided yet. Kirsten said I could move in with her and Anthony once they get a place, and Abby told me a while ago that if I had a job I could move in with her and Lex. Ahh, so many choices.

I'll be eighteen in less than two months ! I'm SO excited. I'll be legal, haha. I can buy cigarettes and porn, and a car. I can move out of this shithole. I have free reign and complete control of my life.
I'm really scared, also, though. Once I'm eighteen, I'll have responsibilities that I don't have now. I won't have health insurance anymore. I can't come crawling back to Mommy&Daddy whenever something goes wrong. I have to stick everything out and deal with it myself.
I hope I'm strong enough to be able to do that.

I know I am. I'm still terrified.

Are you gonna sink or swim?
From coast to coast, it's more than you bargained for.
Are you gonna lose or win?
From ties and lies, it's something worth trying for.

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